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St. George's is an international Anglican church that is part of the Diocese of Singapore

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The frenetic pace of life in Singapore and the demands made on the breadwinners in our church, coupled with the stresses of adapting to expatriate life, all place tremendous strains on family relationships and on individuals.

These situations are hard enough to handle with the strength and guidance provided by God through his Holy Spirit, imagine how much harder they must be without.

In response to this, plans are underway to develop a multi-layered Pastoral Care Ministry at St. George’s, utilising both the professional expertise of the psychologists and counsellors within our congregation and the caring, listening ears of the ‘lay’ counsellors in our midst.

If you need someone to talk to or pray with we are here to help.

Note: All pastoral care requests are strictly confidential and will be submitted only to our pastoral care contact person.