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St. George's is an international Anglican church that is part of the Diocese of Singapore

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The concept of corporate stewardship is an important one, closely related to how well individual stewardship is embraced in any community. St. George's Church  is committed to its missions in Singapore and in South East Asian.  We give 20 percent of our income to these missions. This is entirely consistent with our commitment, as God's people, to give sacrificially of ourselves, because we are partners together in the work of our God through St. George's.

Investment in Mission and Ministry

In addition to meeting our share of Diocesan administration costs and ongoing operating expenses such as wages, allowances, office expenses, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, St. George's is committed to supporting the work of a number of agencies involved in mission and ministry work in Singapore and regionally. These include:

Planned giving

There are two ways you can participate in planned giving: