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St. George's is an international Anglican church that is part of the Diocese of Singapore

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Strong Christian marriage is a gift from God; one that reflects His love, forgiveness and faithfulness. It is meaningful that God referred to His people as His bride.

At St. George's, our commitment to your marriage extends beyond the day of the ceremony. We would like to welcome you into our Christian community, and provide an active Christian network for both of you, supporting your growth into God's plans for you.

The premarital process includes a marriage preparation course, which takes addresses the following issues:

    Providing foundations for having a Christian marriage;

    Continuing to nurture your faith and Christian support network;

    Strengthening your relationship skills; and

    Preparing for the event itself.

The premarital process usually takes around six months to complete, including notifying the Registrar of Marriages, but provides an excellent investment for a healthy life-long marriage.

Due to the many church activities, use of our church premises for wedding is reserved only for St. George's Church members. At least one partner of the wedding couple planning to be marry must be a St. George's member. Those attending confirmation classes or intending to attend confirmation classes are considred non-members until they are received into the membership of the church at the confirmation service. Only confirmed members are allowed to make a booking enquiry one year before their intended wedding date.

For more information about holding your marriage at St. George's Church, please call the church office on 6473 2877 or email us.