Can I get married at SGC?

To get married at SGC you must meet ALL of the following conditions:

– You must have undergone baptism and then subsequent confirmation within the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. 
– For members of SGC you must attend a premarital course with a member of the pastoral staff.
– You must receive approval from the vicar at SGC or the vicar over the Anglican parish where the couple are members.

We will not respond to wedding inquires from individuals who are not confirmed within the Anglican Diocese of Singapore.

Can I do a photoshoot inside the sanctuary?

No, the sanctuary is a space for individuals to seek God in prayer and contemplation with minimal distraction. We do not allow any photoshoots inside the sanctuary.

Do you have an online service?

Recordings of one of our services are posted each week to YouTube. We agree with the Bishop of Singapore that you should make every effort to attend a physical service and be involved in in-person connection with other Christians and encourage our members to attend one of our services in-person whenever they are able.

I'm in country X/Y/Z and need a church.

We are a church in Singapore and our calling is to provide outreach and spiritual support to people residing in Singapore. We recommend attending a local church where you can be involved in a spiritual community that gathers together in-person.

Contact Us

St. George’s Church is located at:

Minden Road
Singapore 248816
Telephone: 64732877


Limited parking space within church premise but public parking is available along Keene Road