Vicar’s Message

At St George’s Church, we have chosen a bible passage; Colossians 1:28 as part of our mission statement: To present every person complete in Christ by declaring, preparing and caring.

DECLARE – proclaim and promote the gospel in Singapore and beyond;

PREPARE – equip one another for mission and ministry; and

CARE – reach out in love for one another and for our community, in the Name of Christ.

We want every person who is somehow connected with St George’s church to come to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour (that is to start the Christian journey) and to grow in that relationship with him so that when they leave St George’s (for whatever reason) they have grown and changed in their knowledge, love and service of Christ, having become even more complete than when they joined the church.

We don’t just want people to only grow in head knowledge of Jesus, we want everyone, young and old, Singaporean and every other cultural group, to grow in active, heartfelt Christian service and thankfulness affecting Singapore and beyond.

May your time at St George’s Church Singapore be one where you become even more complete in Christ than when you arrived at our website.

Yours in Christ,
Ian Hadfield

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