St. George’s is an international Anglican church that is part of the Diocese of Singapore. Our community comprises members from Singapore and many other countries. We are bound together by a common desire to follow Jesus Christ, and to seek out God’s purpose for our lives.

So whether you are a local Singaporean, new to Singapore, are contemplating a move here, or are simply passing through, we invite you to participate in the life of our community.  If you’re looking for a church, read more about us here.

We meet every Sunday at 8.00 am, 10.15 am and 5.30 pm. Find out more about the facilities for children and families and where you can connect with others in your stage of life through small groups.  We also offer many different ministries which allow you to connect and serve others.  Going through a difficult time? Need someone to talk to or pray with? We are here to help.

When you decide to join one of our Sunday morning services, be sure to check out the Welcome Corner. It’s a quick opportunity for for us to meet you, clarify any questions you may have, and help you get settled in.

Worship Services

8:00 am
Holy Communion

A traditional service, following the Order of the Book of Common Prayer. A creche is available, as well as children’s ministry. Breakfast is served after the service.

10:15 am
Morning Service

A contemporary service, open to all. A creche is provided, as are children’s and youth ministries. Holy Communion is served every 3rd Sunday of the month. Refreshments are shared after the service.

12:00 pm
Filipino Fellowship

Filipino Fellowship is just what the name suggests – a group of Filipinos who meet together for fellowship!

We meet every Sunday at the Centre, St. George’s Church.  Filipinos are welcome to come and join us!

Apart from lunch, which we enjoy eating together, we study the Bible, go on outings to places such as the Botanic Gardens, and learn new skills, including guitar playing and beading. 

2:30 pm
Japanese Fellowship

The Singapore Japanese Christian Fellowship (SJCF) holds its weekly service at St. George’s Church. Worship begins at 1.15pm, followed by Bible study at 1.30pm and service at 2.30 pm each Sunday. Visit for more details.

5:30 pm
Evening Service

A contemporary service open to all. Light refreshments are served after the service.

Other Worship Services

In addition, special services are held to mark key events in the church calendar, such as Good Friday meditations and Nine Lessons and Carols.


Baptism celebrates the moment when a person makes a public commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Baptism is not an end in itself, but rather the beginning of a life-long journey of obedient trust in Christ.

Baptisms are a frequent feature of our services at St. George’s. We welcome both adults and infants to be our brothers and sisters in Christ. Services usually take place on the second Sunday of the months of February, May, August and November.

Baptism is not a right, it is a gift from God that signifies his own remarkable generosity in sending His Son to die for us, and giving us His own life through His Holy Spirit. Certain undertakings are implied in the promises made publicly in baptism.

Baptism starts by recognising that we are all sinners in need of God’s mercy. Individual candidates then commit themselves to obey Christ and serve Him alone.  The candidate must intend to develop a life of Christian discipleship, including regular involvement in the life and fellowship of the church.

The Alpha, Christianity Explored and Simply Christianity courses may provide adult candidates with valuable insight prior to baptism.

For more details, please call the church office on 6473 2877 or contact us.


Confirmation is a public affirmation of one’s faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and a commissioning for service and ministry in the life of the Church. It continues the journey that begins with baptism, but goes beyond a simple renewal of baptismal vows.

Confirmation is a mature statement of faith, made at an age when the individual understands the commitment they are making – often during adolescence. In the Anglican community, Bishops alone may administer confirmation, with services held at St George’s once a year. 

Preparation begins well in advance with a series of weekly classes – both for adults and adolescents – and an introduction to the Anglican Church’s 39 Articles of Religion.

If God has encouraged you to make this affirmation of your faith, we welcome you to explore confirmation at St George’s. For more information, call the Church Office on 6473 2877 or contact us.


Strong Christian marriage is a gift from God; one that reflects His love, forgiveness and faithfulness. It is meaningful that God referred to His people as His bride.

At St. George’s, our commitment to your marriage extends beyond the day of the ceremony. We would like to welcome you into our Christian community, and provide an active Christian network for both of you, supporting your growth into God’s plans for you.

The premarital process includes a marriage preparation course, which addresses the following issues:

Providing foundations for having a Christian marriage;
Continuing to nurture your faith and Christian support network;
Strengthening your relationship skills; and
Preparing for the event itself.

The premarital process usually takes around six months to complete, including notifying the Registrar of Marriages, but provides an excellent investment for a healthy life-long marriage.

The Alpha, Christianity Explored and Simply Christianity courses may provide adult candidates with valuable insight prior to marriage.

For more details, please call the church office on 6473 2877 or contact us.


A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. It is an opportunity for friends and family members to express their grief, give thanks for the life of their loved one and commend him or her into God’s keeping.

Following the loss of a loved one, a funeral can be a source of comfort and strength. The service highlights the promises of Jesus Christ, and the hope of the resurrection, when Christ triumphed over death and made eternal life available to us all.

Anyone who lives within the parish of St. George’s is eligible to have their funeral held at the church, even if they are not active churchgoers.

The funeral service at St. George’s, taken from either the Prayer Book or Book of Common Worship, speaks of the love of God and how precious each individual person is to Him.

Individual services will be tailored to reflect the personality of the departed and the circumstances of their death. Favourite hymns, readings, and prayers can be added to the service, as can an appropriate address.

If you would like further information about holding a funeral at St. George’s, please call the church office on 6473 2877 or contact us.